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DocumentRealization and Dissemination of ZEBOverview of Japan's energy consumption and energy efficiency policy.
DocumentJapan – United States CollaborationU.S. Department of Energy Buildings Program energy efficiency policy, budget and enabling research activities where both countries could advance economic and goals domestically and internationally.
DocumentTechnologies for Zero Energy Building in JapanIn order to achieve zero energy house/building, 58% and 80% reduction of present energy use in buildings are required for residential and non-residential building respectively. Approaches to reducing heating, cooling and lighting loads are offered.
DocumentU.S. DOE's Building Envelope Research at the Oakridge National LabTopics include: moisture intrusion, new materials, air leakage, roofs and attics and whole building experiment results.
DocumentWorkshop on Net Zero Energy Buildings in Subtropical Areas Daylighting and Facade Research. LBNL discusses fenestration impacts on building end use energy consumption.
DocumentDryVit Outsulation Discussion by Asia Pacific Business Development RepresentativeThe technology and market for retrofiting buildings for better energy performance and a build green option is discussed.
DocumentRecent Advances in Fenestration Products for Subtropic ClimatesGuardian Glass suggests Sputter –Coated low-E alternative to traditional darker tinted or higher reflective products as a better solution to cooling issues.
DocumentWhat's So Cool About Cool Roofs?The economic and environmental benefits as well as misconceptions on cool roofs are covered in addition to a discussion on the Cool Roof Rating Council's work in the U.S.
DocumentWhole Building Optimization and Systems Integration ResearchThe National Renewable Energy Lab discusses work in advanced simulations, ultra energy-efficient design for zero energy buildings and retrofits.
DocumentAdvances in HVAC for Subtropic ClimatesThe Oakridge National Lab's research to raise energy efficiency of products for the retrofit mass markets which are globally competitive and ideal for hot- & mixed-humid solutions or subtropical ZEBs are presented.
DocumentSun-Shading in Building FacadesSpecific options for Hawaii from fabric and awnings to high performance options. NFRC energy rating for shading presented.