WinBuild Works in China



Since 2007 WinBuild has assisted the U.S. DOE in many successful initiatives summarized in this fact sheet including policy and infrastructure support and research collaboration activities.


We have worked with the Ministry of Housing Urban-Rural Development-Research Institute of Standards & Norms (RSIN), China Association of Mayors (CAM), China Construction Metal Structure Association (CCMSA), China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association (CAIGA), China Building Material Academy (CBMA), China Building Research Academy (CBRA), Chinese Ceramic Society (CCS), China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (CRECC), Certification Testing Center (CTC), Intelligent Glass and Architecture (IGA), CIEC Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Project Spotlight U.S.-China Cool Roof Collaboration Workshop 

Recently, WinBuild coordinated, conducted and facilitated two separate Cool Roof Workshops, first with high level policy officials in government and then in a collaborative environment with researchers from both the U.S. and China. Researchers updated one another on specific needs and projects via presentations from China (1 ,2, 3 )  and the U.S.( 4, 5 ), which you can download by clicking the number. The table below summarizes actions and next steps.



Organizations in charge


Topic 1 Hot island influence

The effects of cool roof on reducing city hot island effect, reducing architectural energy consumption and improving the indoor environment.


South China University of Technology.

Topic 2 Types of suitable architectures

Analyzing the types of architectures that are suitable for applying cool roof technology and the cases.

-Architecture Science Research Institute of Guangdong Province


-Architecture Science Research Institute of Shenzhen city


-Architecture Science Research Institute of Fujian Province.


Topic3 Technological methods

Researching the key performance indices of cool roofs and its testing methods, technological standards, including fast testing methods of aging, etc.

All Chinese participants to cooperate with Laurence Berkeley Laboratory.




Topic 4 Product evaluation, labeling system of products

Including management procedures, documents and website information systems construction; mutual recognition mechanism of Chinese and American labels.



-Architecture Science Research Institute of Guangdong Province &

Architecture Science Research Institute of Fujian Province to absorb the persons in China, who are in charge of publishing related standards.


Project 5 Research and demo fund

Looking for fund support

Settling demonstrating projects.





All from both sides.